Deconovo Total Blackout Curtains Noise Reducing Thermal Insulated Energy Saving Solid Color Faux Linen 100% Polyester 2 Panels

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  • 2 panels per package. Each panel measures 52 inch wide by 63 inch long. 8 anti
  • rust silver grommets (interior diameter 1.6 inch) per panel
  • These blackout curtain panels are sturdy heavy duty fabric crafted from 100 percent high quality polyester, they give the luxurious and wealthy look of a designer's touch when added as an accent to complement a room
  • Our durable 3 pass faux linen blackout curtains can block sunlight and give you the maximum effect of protecting your privacy
  • The fabric is energy efficient and thermal insulated. It will reduce outside light, noise, summer heat, and winter cold effectively. And they can be fitted in living room, bedroom, office, hotel, and etc.
deconovo white blackout curtains
blackout curtains

Add a fashionable and delicate atmosphere to your room with these faux linen blackout curtain panels. Featuring a thermal insulated coated lining, our gorgeous energy saving curtains are perfect to control heat gains and loss. The lining block out most light, reduce noises and enhance privacy. Available in a range of vibrant colors and sizes, these curtains can complements any decor with modern sophistication.


white thermal curtains

blackout room darking curtains

white blackout drapes

8 Silver Grommets and Craftsmanship

Each 52 inch curtain has 8 silver grommets.

Interior diameter is about 1.6 inches.

Exterior diameter is about 2.4 inches.

Crafted with Care

Special attention is given to stitching ensuring there is no loose threads and uneven hems/edges.

Hand Washable

Recommended Washing Instructions:


  • Hand Washable, Wash Below 30 ??C
  • Do not bleach, do not tumble dry
  • Warm Iron.

blackout curtains

100% blackout curtains

noise reducing curtains

Size option

Available in 6 different size options (52x45 inch, 52x54 inch, 52x63 inch,52x72 inch, 52x84 inch,52x95 inch), these amazing curtains are sold in 2 panels per package.

Blackout, Thermal Insulation and Energy Saving Coating

Our blackout curtain features a thermal insulated coated thermal lining. They help keeping the room at an ideal temperature and saving on energy bills.

Various Colors

Available color: Champagne, Star White, Khaki, Grey and White.

The sophisticated striped textured pattern adds a luxury, fashion and elegant look to any setting.

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