Deconovo Sports Towels Absorbent Fitness Quick Drying Microfiber Solid Color 100% Polyester 2 Pieces

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  • PREMIUM QUALITY FABRIC: Deconovo imported fast drying absorbent towels are made from 100 percent high quality polyester microfiber fabric. Our sport towel is smooth, soft to the touch, comfortable to use and easily pliable.
  • ABSORBENT & FAST DRYING: These gym towels are super absorbent and are the appropriate accessory to wipe away the sweat from your body during workout or water after swimming. They are also quick drying towels that just a while after use, start getting dry.
  • LIGTWEIGHT & EASY TO CARRY: This microfiber lightweight and ultra compact towel can be taken anywhere in its mesh carry bag. When folded, they occupy little space, become very small and practical for any befitting time or occasion.
  • MULTIPURPOSE TOWEL SET: The package contains a set of 2 blue towels measuring 27W x 51L inch, each folded in its breathable mesh bag. These towels can be used in many different occasions or places as gym, travelling, fitness, hiking, yoga, jogging, sauna, at the beach, etc.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: The durable towels are machine washable, preferably with like colors and at low temperatures. Hand washing separately is recommended and then air or tumble dry.
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Deconovo microfiber towel is super absorbent and fast drying, these features make it convenient for various purposes. Lightweight and incredibly soft to the touch, our microfiber towel is fashioned to be attractive and agreeable to use. Machine washable, these microfiber towels are available in 3 colors sets, with each coming with a mesh bag enabling you to take them anywhere.


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Breathable & Comfortable

Deconovo microfiber towels are breathable, they allow air to easily pass through. Super soft, our towels will gently skim over your skin or hair.

Super Absorbent & Fast Drying

Thanks to the microfiber fabric, these towels can absorb water and other liquids easily. They also get dry quicker than cotton towels.

Easy to Carry & Ultra Compact

With a well-designed re-usable free carry mesh bag, our microfiber sports towel takes little space and are easy to store, making them perfect for gym, sports and other outdoor activities.


Our microfiber towels can be used as a sports towel, gym towel, bath towel, sweat towel, swimming towel, travel towel, camping towel, etc. It is a great companion for most indoor and outdoor activities.

gym sport towel

Quality, Versatility and Convenience!

Deconovo multi-purpose microfiber towels are designed with high quality material to ensure they resist wear and can keep their freshness for long. They are great to be used when hiking, biking, yoga, jogging, swimming, ball games, boxing, and even at the gym during workout. They come in a range of colors and each set comprises 2 towels.

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