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Decorative Sheer Organza Tablecloth

Size:59 Inch By 118 Inch.Comes in one panel packaged in a subsize plastic bag, easy to storage. Material:Polyester/Nylon, imported.They have silk style with some pearly-lustre on it???¬??Since...
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About Deconovo

Deconovo is all about affordable and modern home decor. Our European and US based designers spend their time exploring the latest trends to make sure that our range of stylish home decor products are always on point.

We also manufacturer all our own products so we so we can control the quality from factory flool to your door. By cutting out the middlemen and selling direct we can offer very affordable home decor without compromising quality.

We know that you demand a high quality of product but also want a great price, so we encourage you to shop around and compare our style and prices to other brands. We think you will be very happy when you choose Deconovo.



​How to Wash Throw Pillows

​How to Wash Throw Pillows

Throw pillows add color and texture to a room and help make furniture more comfortable. Over time, pillows pick up oils, spills, dust and grime. To keep colors vibrant and materials fresh, throw …
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How to Measure for Curtains

How to Measure for Curtains

Window treatments are an important element of the décor of a room and help define the style of a space. The material used for draperies, the style of the curtain, the hardware used and the way they ar …
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