​How to Hang Curtains The Right Way

Posted by Editor on Jan 25th 2018

When you enter a room, you probably respond to the feel of the space. Small details create a sense of beauty and harmonize the components within a room. Professional decorators and designers are tr …

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​Don't Forget the Windows in Your Decorating Plans

Posted by Editor on Jan 5th 2018

Windows are an important part of a building. When seen from the street, they contribute to the architectural style, add to curb appeal and complement the detailing of the outside of a structure. On …

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​Sleep Better and Stay Cool with Blackout Curtains

Posted by Editor on Dec 20th 2017

If you've ever woken up from a night's sleep feeling tired and out of sorts, it's possible that the environment of your bedroom has not allowed you to sleep well. Making your room conducive to slee …

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​Can Thermal Curtains Really Keep You Warm and Save Power?

Posted by Editor on Nov 21st 2017

Curtains are used to dress up a window, provide privacy and complement the décor of a room. Curtains with insulating values do more. Thermal curtains provide a barrier between the outside elements …

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Home Decorating Ideas for Winter

Posted by Editor on Oct 31st 2017

As winter sets in, you may be looking for home decorating ideas to brighten up your living space. Shorter days and cooler weather are often accompanied with overcast skies and less sunlight. Here are …

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